Hi, I am Marc – a typedesigner based in Nassau, Germany. My journey into type started back in the year 2012 when I drew some iconsets. In order to create a visible unity across a set, icons need to share basic values like thickness, angles and dimensions – exactly like letters within an alphabet. As I was passionate about type ever since, the obvious next step was to draw some letters. After a few attempts, I created my first completed font „Pan Pizza”. What an amazing feeling! Since then, I never got tired to develop new font-ideas and bring them to live. If you want to find out more, feel free to have a look at this interview (in german language).

What else to say? When I'm not designing, I enjoy listening to a variety of music styles, doing some sports, travelling or spending time in forests.

Wanna get in touch? Drop me a line via mail or follow me on Instagram, Bēhance and Dribbble.