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Let's have some fun! Govia Sans adds plenty of joy to any logo, layout or UI. Geometric shapes and a funny look come together in this font family – thus, Govia Sans might be the perfect choice for toys, books, packaging designs, movie posters and many more.

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Govia Sans
   A funny two-font-family


Arlon makes it easy to give any brand or advertising a cool & futuristic look. Thanks to its spurless letterforms and some uncommonly shaped letters, this typeface creates a strong visual impact even in small sizes.

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   A futuristic sans family


Say hello to MonsterPie. This font brings the funny appearance of irregular designed characters together with the classic look of the Didone typefaces from the 18th century – that makes it a good choice for theme parks, movie posters, games, greeting cards and kid's products.

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   A funny didonesque Font in two styles


Quenda is a small sans-serif family comprising six weights: thin to heavy. Due to its rounded terminals and a slight handwritten look, Quenda has a friendly and warm appearance. Its main purposes are for advertising and branding projects.

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   A friendly family in six styles


Pan Pizza is a spontaniously looking brushfont. It's intended to be used in bars, diners, fast food restaurants and the like. Pan Pizza contains strokes, arrows, ligatures, inferior/superior digits, fractions and kerning values. Having 450 glyphs on board, it covers a wide range of eastern and western european languages.

Pan Pizza is free for commercial and personal use – have fun!

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Pan Pizza
   A free brushfont


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